Washington County Barn Quilt
Committee Members

Nancy Adrian, Brighton
Nancy has been the Administrative Assistant at the Washington County Extension Office since 2002. She serves on the Washington Chamber of Commerce Tourism committee and is interested in sharing our rural heritage with visitors and promoting Washington County. Nancy serves as the project’s secretary and volunteer coordinator.

Nancy Butterbaugh, Washington
Nancy is an avid quilter and desires to help promote tourism in Washington County.

Mary Chmelar, Washington
Mary is a quilter with an interest in barn preservation and Washington County. Mary serves on the barn selection committee and acts as a tour guide as well.

Yaro Chmelar , Washington
Yaro, along with Mary, farm southwest of Washington. Yaro helps prime, paint, move blocks, and hang barn quilt blocks besides his busy schedule.

Jane Dallmeyer, Washington
Jane is an avid quilter who is active in Extension efforts. Jane is one of our frequent barn block painters.

Kathy Ebert, Washington
Kathy is a 4-H leader, treasurer for the Washington Lions Club, serves on the Washington County Extension Council board, is secretary/treasurer for Immanuel Lutheran Church and has a small wallpapering and painting business. She has always had an interest in quilts and loves the idea of promoting and preserving the heritage of her native county through this project. She serves as the project’s treasurer.

Bill Ebert, Washington
Bill is custodian for several local businesses and an all-around-handyman. Bill works with our Construction Committee and participates in the hanging of our barn quilt blocks.

Rachel Fishback, Washington
Rachel owns Fishback Fotography in Washington. She is excited about the barn quilt project because it showcases the history of our agriculture's past with beautiful quilt art pieces that were made with love, dedication and hard work.

Duane Hammen, Washington
Duane is a 4-H leader with an interest in historic preservation. Duane serves on the construction/hanging committee.

Terry Mangold, West Chester
Terry is a local business owner and participates in numerous other civic support efforts. He serves as the project’s co-chair, and he paints, as well as serving on the construction/hanging committee.

Julie Mangold, West Chester
Julie is a civic supporter interested especially in historic issues. She serves as the project’s co-chair and is on the Tourism Committe for Washington Chamber of Commerce.

Rosemary Pacha, Brighton
Rosemary is an avid quilter and retired home economics teacher with a strong interest in historic preservation. Rosemary paints and participates in the many barn quilt functions.

Gerald Pacha, Brighton
Gerald has a long history of civic support in Washington County. Gerald works on the painting committee, as well as the construction/hanging committee.

Jackie Ross, Washington
Jackie has had a lifelong interest in and appreciation for history and its remnants. With more than 20 years’ experience in the antiques field she is a lifetime member of the Washington County Historical Society Board of Directors. Jackie works on the painting committee.

Rita Stogdill, Wayland
Rita, a Washington business owner, has been interested in all things quilt-related for years. In addition to traveling to see quilt shows, she is past president of a local quilt club and machine quilts for others.

Juanita Troyer, Kalona
Juanita owns Willow Creek in Kalona, which features quilt fabrics, patterns, books and notions. Her interests lie in quilts and increasing tourism in the county.

Willa Wilson, Crawfordsville
Willa spends countless hours painting on the barn quilt blocks. She is a past avid quilter and past member of two quilt guilds. She is a member of the Washington County Preservation Commission with an interest in seeing the preservation of barns maintained.

Myrna Joy Wenger, Wayland
Myrna works with the committee as a graphics specialist and editor of our collector books. Myrna and her family farm near Wayland, and she is the Publisher of Wayland Reporter newspaper.

Nic Sabatke, Washington
A community member who enjoys volunteering with several organizations and groups to better the community.

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